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At Berits Junior School, we offer a unique early education experience built on 25 years in competitive top schools, expertise, and on what working families have told us they want and need for their children…and for themselves. Child care and early education isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are

Integrating Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)  and adaptive learning techniques to get the best fit for learners. To develop enquiring minds and a positive attitude. Creating an environment in which children feel secure and confident. The children are stimulated to enjoy learning through a variety of well-planned and carefully structured activities. 

The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) was researched and developed by KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development). Learning is based on the needs and potential of. individual learners under a flexible framework and parameters that move and shift according to. the learners’ demands.

SEO title preview: Playgroup /Pre School - Berits Junior SchoolCompetency Based Curriculum, Play Group, Preschool, Berits Junior School - Kindergarten and Primary School, Mombasa

Two-Year-Old Curriculum for 2-year-olds by providing fun and preschool activities and skills.

Berits Junior School - Kindergarten and Primary School, Mombasa, Kindergarten, Pre-primary PP1, PP2

PP1 & PP2: Pre-primary grades 1 and 2, elementary knowledge in– numerical, literacy, religious education, environmental, music, psychomotor, and creative areas.

Berits Junior School - Kindergarten and Primary School, Mombasa
Lower Primary

Grades 1 to 3: At about 6 years of age and spend 3 years learning before exiting to middle school at the end of grade 3.

Berits Junior School - Kindergarten and Primary School, Mombasa
Upper Primary

Grades 4 to 6: Also referred as Middle School. At the end of Grade 6, KNEC will have them sit for an assessment, to determine the readiness for the Lower Secondary Level.

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